SoonerCare Benefits

SoonerCare Enrollment

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SoonerCare Nutritional Services

Adults and children can have up to 6 hours of nutritional counseling per year by a licensed registered dietician. This must be prescribed by a physician, physician assistant, advanced practice nurse, or nurse midwife. For more information, please visit your medical home provider.

Providers, please click here for benefit information regarding nutritional services.

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SoonerCare Child Health Services

SoonerCare provides medical, vision, hearing and dental checkups for babies, children and teens with SoonerCare coverage.  Regular health checkups are important for all children to help them stay healthy.  At each child health checkup, your child’s doctor will talk with you and check your child from head to toe.  This checkup is necessary so health problems can be avoided if possible and, if health problems exist, they can be diagnosed and treated early before they become worse. 

If you are a SoonerCare member and would like more information regarding Child Health Checkups please see the Child Health Guide or visit the Child Health webpage. 

If you are a SoonerCare provider and would like more information please visit the Provider Child Health webpage.